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The Art of Leadership
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  • The Art of the

    William Armstrong

    Business , Motivation , Psychology

    The "management classic" that packs a huge amount of practical wisdom is now in paper. This clearly written guide details proven strategies for becoming a leader in any organization or group. Selected in hardcover as one of the Best Business Books.

  • The Basics of Web

    Jeremy Ramirez


    Basics of Web Design is intended for use in a beginning web design or web development course. The text covers the basics that web designers need to develop their skills in XHTML and HTML5. You will also learn how to configure color and text with CSS.

  • Grid Systems in Web

    Ralph Stone


    Grids enable you to build solid structure and form into your designs. This book will tell you why and how grid systems can be used to achieve the desired effect in web design. Learn more about the recommended ways to organize modules of your site.

  • Immutable Laws of Marketing

    Joanne Schultz


    In this book, written by a renowned marketing expert, you will find a compendium of twenty-two innovative rules for understanding and succeeding in the international marketplace. These valuable insights present a clear path to successful products.

  • Tools That Reveal Why Your Users Abandon Your Website

    Joanne Schultz


    Despite the steady traffic, visitors are still dropping off your site. Some bounce the second they get there, and others are almost purchasing your product before they leave. In this book, you can find out why it happens and how it can be changed.

  • Dangerous Side Effects of Bad Customer Service

    Jeremy Ramirez


    Customer service is arguably the most important thing for your business to get right. This book reveals how you can improve customer service in your company without any unnecessary expenses and hiring new people.

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